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  • Porti model P139

    Porti din Fier Forjat – Model P139

    (Română) Model prezentat este confectionat din bare de fier brut forjat grosime 14x14 mm. Aceste bare sunt si amprentate pe intreaga suprafata pentru a oferi un aspect antichizat.…

  • Balustrada Model B044 b

    Balustrada Fier Forjat model B044

    (Română) Acest model de balustrada se poate folosi atat pentru scari cat si pentru terase sau balcoane. Este confectionat din fier brut forjat si amprentat grosime 12x12 mm si accesorizat cu elemente din fier forjat de tip "C", de diferite dimensiuni.…

  • Model G055 - fier 14x14 mm

    Wrought Iron Fences G055

    Wrought iron fence at the best quality. View our catalog of models.…

  • Model G001

    Wrought iron fence panels

    Wrought iron fence of the best quality. All our products are handmade.…

  • Balustrada Model B084 c

    Wrought Iron Railing model B084

    Wrought iron railings for balconies and terraces. Incredible Prices!…

  • Balustrada Model B082 (2)

    Wrought Iron Railing B082

    Wrought iron railing medieval looking for patios, stairs and balconies. Provide your home a beautiful look.…

  • Gard fier forjat model G002 - 02

    Wrought iron fence model G002

    The various models offer wrought iron fences, handmade…

  • Gard Fier Forjat G108 - 2

    Wrought iron fence G108

    Panel fence G108 model is relatively simple in terms of design, but most times a simple design fits your home.…

  • Gard Fier Forjat G107 - 4

    Special wrought iron fence G107

    The wrought iron fence panel type vines. This model shows the central part of the fence a faithful copy of vine branches. These branches are attached various elements that get you thinking about the stakes: grapes, grape leaves and even those cramps that are still on the vine shoots.…

  • Balustrada Model B075b

    Wrought Iron Railing B075

    Wrought iron railing recommended for terraces and balconies. Variations railing: Pipe Embossed 15x15 mm, 12x12 mm imprinted raw iron, or iron twisted 12x12 mm. On request, can be used in the execution thicknesses railings.…

  • Fier Forjat si lemn L032 b

    Wrought Iron and Wood Gates

    A new trends in the wrought iron is to be used in making and wood products. Along with iron, wood has been used in the past, but in recent years have seen an increased demand for these models.…

  • Gard Fier Forjat G105 - 1

    Handmade wrought iron fences

    Handmade wrought iron fence. Wrought iron completely switch to the appearance of your house.…