History of wrought iron …

The first evidence of the use of iron was in Egypt and Mesopotamia , where they found spear tips and decorative objects dating from 4000 years BC Two thousand years later, began to be manufactured iron from ore , reaching to be more valuable than gold. Over time iron was used in the manufacture of weapons ( arrowheads , hammers and axes ) and in the manufacture of various objects of worship. Iron processing is done by heating it in a forge until it turns red . This is called ” forging ” here come the name ” wrought iron ” .

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Starting century – sixteenth – century Germany and France are starting to be very popular in this area , producing various works of art in the field of wrought iron . An example would be : grid ” Apollo Gallery ” from the Louvre and Saint- Germain church choir rail – l’Auxerrois .

Wrought iron railings began to appear increasingly often in France, with different stylistic influences depending on the area , replacing the use of stone pillars used previously to achieve railings for balconies.

The use of wrought iron has seen a massive increase from the twentieth century when wrought iron have different stylistic influences , most of them inspired by nature , later reverting to the style of wrought iron , we can see the work on historic buildings in big cities.


About Us …

SC LUX – AVEL CONSTRUCT SRL was founded in 2009, and because substantial portfolio of work I managed to acquire it carried considerable experience in wrought iron . Should be noted that from year to year we have invested in developing and processing equipment for wrought iron works could achieve increasingly complex.

Produce different exceptional quality wrought iron products : Homegroup

  • wrought iron gates for vehicle access hinged or sliding ;
  • wrought iron gates for pedestrian access ;
  • wrought iron gates and wood ;
  • wrought iron fence panels ;
  • handrails for stairs , terraces and balconies ;
  • wrought iron canopies and terraces ;
  • wrought iron grilles for windows and doors ;
  • Wrought iron furniture and accessories for home and garden.

We offer complete consultancy and design for wrought iron works and provide transportation and installation across the country.