• Wrought iron gates

    We present a variety of designs for wrought iron gates for vehicle access and pedestrian. They can be made ​​from raw iron pipe fingerprints or forged fingerprints and different thicknesses. Each model can be customized according to customer needs.

  • Wrought iron fence panels

    Just as with gates and wrought iron fence panels can be made of different profiles (fingerprints or raw iron pipe wrought) of different thicknesses. Customers may occur in different parts of the model changing or adding different elements of wrought iron.

  • Railings for stairs and balconies

    Handrails provides support when climbing stairs or when Balconies offer fall protection. The height thereof is approximately 100 cm. Just as with other wrought iron products, the client can customize the model.

  • Wrought iron and wood works 

    The use of wood with wrought iron bring a medieval wrought iron works. Wood can be of different species (fir, linden, oak, beech) and can be stained with different shades. For protection against water spray timber and apply two coats.